Northern Counties Chihuahua Club

Critiques for Open Show 2024

Northern Counties Chihuahua Club Open Show March 3rd 2024

Smooth Coat Chihuahuas

Chloe Holmes (Teclo)

Thank you to the officers and committee of the Northern Counties Chihuahua Club for their kind invitation to judge Smooth Coat Chihuahuas at their open show and their wonderful hospitality. I would also like to thank my steward Rose for keeping the ring running smoothly and the exhibitors that entered under me, the overall quality of exhibits was very high.


Puppy (2)

  1. Rooney’s Yorone Make My Day 9 month old fawn, nicely domed head with large round eyes and well set on ears, good dentition. Moved soundly around the ring front and rear movement good and holding an excellent outline tail set on well.
  2. Taylor’s Arkoschi Little White Bull 8 Month old cream, another lovely head with large ears and eyes, was a little unsettled at first but could see a nice topline and moved well when settled down.

Junior (3,1a)

  1. Rooney’s Yorone Two Can Play That Game 9 month old fawn, slightly larger than his litter brother and didn’t seem as confident. Nice head with correct bite and a lovely expression. He moved well coming and going.

2.Taylor’s Arkoschi Little White Bull

Novice (1)

1.Entwistle’s Dorenty’s Arfa Sixpence Compact little fawn, nicely domed head with well set ears and nice rounded large eyes. Good mouth. Moved very briskly around the ring, nice angulation In rear and straight in front. Level topline with nicely set tail.

Graduate (1)

1.Humphreys’ Amarantos Theo Cream, correct head with large eyes and lovely expression. Had a nice front and glimpses of a good topline and tailset, was very unsettled moving.

Post Graduate (1)

1.Hunt’s Moltobello Im Sexy And I No It JW Lots to like about this red, correct head with well placed ears and eyes, reach of neck is good and straight in front, nice tail set on a level topline. Moved around the ring confidently and soundly.

Limit (1)

1.Hunt & Fothergill’s Mr Moonstone Fawn, another with a lovely head, eyes and expression. Well angulated rear and held a good outline as he moved briskly around the ring, tail set on nicely.




Open (2,1a)

1.Holmes & Entwistle’s Ch Cazants The gaffer Luvs Dorenty JW Smart little red, nicely domed head, with large flaring ears, rounded eyes, good bite, definite stop. Nice compact body, he moved with drive around the ring, good angulation in rear.


Veteran (1)

1.Hunt’s Zoya’s Kingdom Never Fails For Moltobello 8 year old cream in excellent condition, beautiful correct head with nice eyes and correct bite. Topline and tail completed a good outine.

Minor Puppy (2,1a)

1.Anderson’s Lumantii’s This Is It 6 month old puppy, very unsettled but had a good front and carried her tail well with a pleasing topline.  

Puppy (2)

1.Standing’s Stadmeyer Jesslyn 11 month old fawn, nicely domed head with lovely eyes and expression, moved really well around the ring with brisk action and confidence holding a great outline.

  1. Entwistle’s Stadmeyer Jasmine Dorenty, sister to 1, much the same in type, bite was correct shame she was so unsettled moved ok coming to just difficult to see rear movement. Both very similar bitches.

Junior (1)

1.Fothergill’s Diamonchi Miss Beautiful 1 year old red, really caught my eye, beautiful head domed with a definite stop,  large eyes and ears set well. Very smart sound mover around the ring, held a beautiful topline and tailset. 

Novice (2,1a)

  1. Entwistle’s Stadmeyer Jasmine Dorenty as above

Graduate (1)

1.Entwistle’s Cazants The Geisha Luvs Dorenty Cream with a beautiful head, large rounded eyes and large ears. Definite stop and good bite. Good arch of neck flowing in to a nice body, topline was excellent and tail set on well. Moved very well around the ring.

Post Graduate (3,2a)

1.Standing’s Stadmeyer Alice Fawn, a little plainer in head, but had a beautiful pleasing expression and really well made body, straight front and moved well.




Limit (2)

1.Fothergill’s Diamonchi Miss Sparkel JW 1 year old in super condition, very pretty head, large ears, rounded dark eyes and a beautiful expression, correct bite. Very well made body, compact, level topline with excellent tail carriage, well angulated rear which showed as she moved round the ring with drive. Very beautiful example of the breed, was pleased to see she went BIS.

  1. Taylor’s Arkoschi Oh My Tweed JW Another bitch of excellent quality, unlucky to meet 1 today. Lovely head and expression. Held an excellent topline and tail as she also moved very well around the ring, just slightly less compact than 1.

Open (1)

1.Hunt’s Moltobello Queen Of My Heart  Pretty head with large ears and dark eyes. Definite stop and good mouth. Good body and moved out ok, level topline and tailset, held a beautiful outline when standing, well handled.